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Our Smart Cellulite treatment uses ultrasound and radio-frequency technology, giving you a smoother and more confident skin!

- The powerful vacuum assisted deep tissue massage releases lymphatic blockages and stimulates blood flow combined with infrared light; which warms up the tissue to induce elimination of stored fat and toxins.


 - The Ultrasound treats the deeper fatty layers, reducing localized fat deposits by liquefying stored fat and preventing the storage of additional fat in the fatty cells and encouraging fat depletion. 


 - The Bipolar Radiofrequency increases collagen production, tightening and visibly improving the skin's appearance. The treatment firms the skin tissues by tightening the existing collagen fibers and stimulating the production

Benefits include:

Reduction of body circumference

Visible reduction in appearance of cellulite

Visible improvement of skin texture

Skin tightening

Treatments are virtually pain free

Once treatment is completed the skin feels taut and your body feel lighter.  A minimum of six to twelve weekly treatments (depending on the condition of each person) is recommended to achieve the best results. Book your Free Consultation with us to give you personalized information. 

For each body treatment, you'll receive a personalized meal plan for even better results. 


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