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Whether be to regain your shape or to feel beautiful for a night out on the town, control girdles has been able to help women throughout history. They are your best friend after giving birth, to help you fit back into your party dress or just to trim that unwanted stomach flab since they shape your body within minutes and at the same give you the feeling of muscle firmness.


There are body shapers for every occasion and they come in a variety of styles depending on your need.


A lot of women do not know what a body shaper is used for. Well, we can explain to you.




1. Body shapers have multiple benefits for women who decide to use them. Such as toning the mid-section, loose inches, correct your posture, lift your behind to have the perfect gluteus. Other benefits include reducing swelling after any type of surgery and also help healing and reduce pain. Control girdles will help to correct your posture and will reduce your waist thanks to always having activated your transverse muscle. This muscle is a girdle and if it is contracted will help to reduce waist circumference.


2. Dieting and exercising do not guarantee immediate results but body shapers can make you look thinner and fabulous in seconds because it hides the imperfections. The more you use, the more your body will mould into a more desirable shape. But this will only work if you use it daily.


3. There are different body shapers depending of which part of the body you are looking to tone and shape. There is for abdomen, legs, and gluteus. Always make sure the one you get matches with your clothes and the area you want to focus on to reduce.


4. You should always choose one whose size will fit your body and figure. Do not apply excessive pressure. Get a body shaper that you will comfortable with because remember that you will use it almost everyday


5. Women that go through liposuction should wear body shaper as soon as they get out from the surgery.


Characteristics and benefits of postpartum girdles


1. improves the figure and helps restore after giving birth accommodating organs and keeping skin

firmed. Also helps to accelerate the process of

flattening the abdomen. The majority of postpartum girdles are comfortable because they are made of cotton that are internally lined with allergenic cover so you can wear it and feel very comfortable and pleasant. Something to keep in mind is that in some cases women tend to have menstrual pain or discomfort. Girdles will help to reduce those aches and pains since the heat caused in the area reduces pain. Postpartum girdles are made of an extra strong expandable material so you should only use a belt and this would fit your body gradually while it will get you back to have your original weight.


2. A postpartum girdle is a good alternative for women who want to return to their original size and avoid getting loose skin of abdomen. Helps with menstrual pain after childbirth, visibly thinner and has a permanent effect with prolonged used. All above is comfortable and durable.

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